Part-time Job Orientation

We are completely education based company. We do not recruit human recourses for job motivation. We only recruit students for study purpose. On the other hand, we provide the guidance for searching part-time job for our students if they need support. Our main purpose is preparing our students for the part-time jobs only according to the rules and regulations of the respective countries. We have liaise with a number of job recruitment companies in abroad. We just prepare our students for the following basic preparation. It is totally free of cost.

Airport Receiption

Getting to alien countries is difficult and reaching to destination safely is more difficult for every international student, so, we are ready to provide the service of airport reception with warm welcome and take to the destination safely by our representative in abroad. We also provide guidance and well information about university and city your are staying. We also assist you to open bank account, registration in immigration, university and take a tour of city to make you familiarize with life style of native people and foreign. If you need more information and require service, please contact Services Department or write an


The challenges of studying abroad and away from home is finding a suitable accommodation. To feel secure and relaxed, we have started proving the service of searching accommodation for our clients. We find the suitable accommodation for clients in respective countries and home country while studying with us or our partner universities. The cost of accommodation entirely depends on facilities you want, location and number of room-mates you are staying with. Prior booking is required to get cheap and comfortable accommodation. We recommend our clients to take service package while taking package of abroad study. For further details, please contact Services Department via phone or write an email:

Air Ticketing

To travel to abroad or anywhere in the world, the best means of travel is flight. To provide the quickest, easiest and cheapest services, we deal with a number of airlines companies for air ticketing. If you are going abroad and require travel plan with air ticket, please contact our Service Department via phone or write an


We have coordinated a number of insurance companies in Nepal and abroad to provide the services of medical and travel insurance to apply for visa or to travel and stay in abroad. The cost of insurance depends on type of insurance, duration and country. For further details, please contact Service Department via phone or write an email:


We provide a number of skill based trainings to our clients depending on needs and demands of industry. We prepare skill-oriented and goal-oriented human resources to fulfill the gaps of such industry. Currently, we are offering Computer, Personality Development, Banking and Interview Skill.